SuSanA meeting in Stockholm and Working groups meeting

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SuSanA meeting in Stockholm and Working groups meeting

Dear all, Stockholm is calling!

As you all are aware of we are in full SWING organizing this years SuSanA meeting in Stockholm. I do hope that you have signed up to the meeting since it will facilitate for the logistics.

As neither Claudia nor Belinda will be able to make it to the meeting it is my pleasure to call for this year WG7 group meeting.

We will meet Sunday the 1st Sept. at the World Water Week Venue in Älvsjö and we will find a quiet space for a meeting down in exhibition hall. Let us meet at the SEI stand at 15.30 and find the space and start the meeting.

Please find the agenda below.

I hope as many of as possible can make it I am really looking forward to meet you again

Kind regards to you all Madeleine

  1. Presentation / discussion of the SuSanA roadmap
  2. Sustainable Development Goals and how the WG7 could contribute
  3. Sanitation and Water for All how can the WG 7 best be supportive in the process
  4. Update on important development for the group
  5. Menstruation management
  6. School sanitation
  7. Soap stories
  8. CLTS development

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Re: SuSanA meeting in Stockholm and Working groups meeting

see you all on Sunday!


Head of WASH in Schools
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