New resources on inclusive WASH workplaces


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New resources on inclusive WASH workplaces

Dear SuSanA friends and colleagues, 

Happy new year to you all. 

The Institute for Sustainable Futures is pleased to share two new resources focused on inclusive WASH workplaces with you: A guidance document, and an interactive database of 180+ actions.

The guidance was built upon three years of research in Cambodia, Indonesia and beyond, and provides evidence of key gaps and needs, actionable ideas and tools to promote gender equality, disability and social inclusion (GEDSI) in WASH organisations and programs. Building on the work of the Equal Aqua Initiative , the guidance comprehensively identifies ways that our WASH sector organisations can “walk the talk” of GEDSI. This project was funded by the Australian Government’s Water for Women Program.  

The guidance is accompanied by an interactive database of over 180+ GEDSI initiatives from organisations across the world, including water and sanitation utilities, government departments, civil society organisations and the private sector. This Excel-based tool can be sorted by stage (e.g. recruitment, advancing careers etc.) and also across a range of diversity categories (gender, Indigenous, disability, intersectionality). This enables an organisation to find actions that other organisations have implemented, targeted to their specific areas of need. The database will grow as we receive more examples of actions and activities that organisations have implemented to increase diversity and inclusion in the WASH workforce. Feel free to send us your examples to include in the database.

You can explore and share the outputs  here .

With best wishes,
Melita Grant
Research Director
Institute for Sustainable Futures
​University of Technology Sydney

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