SuSanA WG7 Meet & Chat and SWWW session on WinS on 29 August in Stockholm


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SuSanA WG7 Meet & Chat and SWWW session on WinS on 29 August in Stockholm

Dear Members of the SuSanA WG 7 others interested in WASH in schools,

WASH in Schools (WinS) will be featured again this year in Stockholm with a session on WASH in schools and a WG 7 meet & chat after the session.

1. On Thursday afternoon from 16:00 - 17.30 the session on " Power of self-assessment - Triggering Action for WASH in Schools " will take place in Room M6.

What triggers action for personal and institutional behavior change? How can school self-assessment drive change to manage WASH in Schools with a focus on operation and maintenance using transparency and accountability, provide recognition and set incentives within the system of the education sector? Within this session, country-cases will be presented and discussed to showcase the impact self-assessment can have on all stakeholders and on progress.

2. The WG 7 meet & chat is scheduled directly afterwards and we will have the chance to go into a more detailed discussions, exchange on latest project developments, and get to know each other's work better in an informal atmosphere.

Date: Thursday, August 28
Time: 18:00-19:00
Venue: Globen Star Restaurant (self-paid basis), see directions from Tele2 Arena to Globen Star here

Please register here for the WG meet & chat:

Looking forward to seeing you in Stockholm!

Best regards,
Franziska (on behalf of the WG 7 leads)
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