The Quality of Life in the City of Kisumu: A Public Perception Baseline Survey Report AS at April 2022


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  • Samba Nixon Otieno-Omumbo is a highly skilled Systems & Organizational Development Consultant and modern-day urbanist based in the City of Kisumu, Kenya with bias towards Agri-Food and Nutrition systems, climate change mitigation and sustainable urbanization. He has special interest in promoting sustainable interactions of urban areas inhabitants
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The Quality of Life in the City of Kisumu: A Public Perception Baseline Survey Report AS at April 2022

The City of Kisumu Urban Areas Association(CKUAA) is a body corporate dully registered under the Societies Act Cap108 Laws of Kenya as a Non-Religious, Non-Political and Not-For-Profit making welfare organization whose mission is to transform the City of Kisumu, through collaborative partnership, into a better place to live, work and visit.
From humble beginnings as a port in 1901, today theCity of Kisumu is the third largest City in Kenya, the Principal City of West
Kenya Region and the Headquarters of the County Government of Kisumu. 
Many Cities globally use publicopinion surveys to help them understand the perception of the residents and other stakeholders on the quality of life, service delivery, civic participation and any other unique issues of local interest.
In Overall, the Quality of Life inthe City of Kisumu’s Index score was 71.3%. The general considerationsand personal wellbeing were some of factors that contributed positively to the score. However, Public trust, Public Management, Jobs, Economy and Personal and Property Safety were among the metrics that dragged down the score. There is a very high Literacy Levels in the City ofKisumu. However employment opportunities are few and many resident areself-employed. Most residents feel safe in both their neighborhoods and the city center during the day unlike when darkness falls.
TheCity of Kisumu is an economic powerhouse that generates more than 80% of Kisumu County GDP and outperforms many of the LREB counties in terms of economic growth. However Rapid urbanization has imposed a number of challenges in the City of Kisumu. The City of Kisumu must promote a higher well-being amongst her inhabitants on the same development level to reduce well-being inequality.

The City of Kisumu’sposition in the economic regeneration of the greater Lake Victoria basin as an important economicgrowth zone is second to none, taking into consideration existing and potential resource opportunities. With a rich natural resource base, friendly and accommodating social systems, reliable climatic conditions, gentle terrain, fishing opportunities, transportation, agro forestry, mining, livestock and crop farming, sports, tourism and inherent cultural value systems amidst a host of other values, limitless opportunities exist with great potential for development and investment. It is essential that stakeholders understand the powers of the City of Kisumu as a catalyst for Kenya’s National Development and the entire East Africa. 
May the Almighty God continue to bless the City of Kisumu

Kind regards

Samba, Nixon Otieno-Omumbo (Mr.)
Board Chairman & CEO - City of Kisumu Urban Areas Association (CKUAA)
P.O. Box 7931 – 40100, KISUMU
Tel: (+254) 0721 295974, 0789 255 427,
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Kambogo Center, Mamboleo-Miwani-Chemelil Highway, Kisumu

*"City of Kisumu Fast Forward, Together"* | Unity of Purpose

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