SuSanA WG 6 (Cities) - New Co-Leads


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SuSanA WG 6 (Cities) - New Co-Leads

Dear all,
I am happy to announce that WG6 (Cities) has two new co-leads.
Prit Salian (i-San Associates) and Moritz Gold (Eawag/Sandec) are now supporting Christoph Luethi (Eawag/Sandec) in coordinating the activities of WG 6.

You want to know more about the new co-leads?

Prit Salian is a WASH consultant with expertise in integrated and participatory city sanitation planning. He is well versed with the social, technical, financial and institutional aspects of urban sanitation strategy development with a focus on urban poor. His expertise includes: strategic planning, policy analysis, good governance frameworks, capacity development and technical assistance to local governments, ministries and utilities. Prit has worked with ICLEI, GIZ, FAO, IWMI and EAWAG and has in-country experience working in Europe, India, Philippines, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. Currently, Prit is the team leader for a GIZ-USAid funded project to build capacities of four local governments in Uganda to develop and operationalise strategic and integrated town sanitation plans.

Moritz Gold
is a researcher with a background in environmental engineering and is working at the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science (Eawag) within the Department of Water, Sanitation and Solid Waste for Development (Sandec). In collaboration with international and multidiscipline research partners, Moritz is exploring appropriate solutions for wastewater and faecal sludge management such as dewatering and resource recovery from treatment endproducts (e.g. sludge to fuel or soil conditioner). Furthermore, capacity development is a strong part of his work (workshops, supervision of students). Moritz has working experience in Senegal, India, Uganda and Tanzania.

Thanks, Moritz&Prit for taking on the hat as co-leads of WG6!
With fresh vigor, WG 6 is now taking the lead for SuSanA members interested in taking part in devising SuSanA’s input for the “New Urban Agenda” at Habitat III in Quito, in October 2016 ( ).

Kind regards,
Annkathrin (on behalf of the SuSanA Secretariat)

*By the way, the last WG 6 meeting took place in Stockholm, in August 2015. You can find the presentations here (scroll down to WG 6).

* More information about WG6 can be found here:
GIZ Sustainable Sanitation Programme
Division for Climate Change, Environment & Infrastructure

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