Resource Recovery Digest - Edition #2


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Resource Recovery Digest - Edition #2

Dear SuSanA Community,
Here comes the monthly digest of recent activities related to WG5 - productive sanitation and food security from the month of November 2020.

Project news
  • Kenya Connect launches student compost toilets in Mwala, Kenya.  Partnering with, an ecosan wash program, Kenya Connect has embraced this elegant technology as a way to provide clean sanitation to students in their rural community.  
  • Isle’s 20thWater Action Platform webinar took place on  12th November 2020.  The webinar focused on the theme of Circular Economy, and covered projects including Cellulose recovery (Cellvation), Phosphorous recovery (Ostara), and Biogas enrichment (Electrochea). Watch the webinar at: .  
  • On World Toilet Day 2020, the Global Dry Toilet Association of Finland announced the winners of this year’s Dry Toilet Award.  The recipient of the “Golden Pitchfork” is a Zambian team including:  the Green Living Movement (GLM), Network for Environmental Concerns and Solutions (NECOS), Livingstone Green Initiative (LGI), and Ukadzipalile Integrated Project (UIP). This video link from 2018 showcases the activities of the coalition:
Events news
Recent publications

Journal papers:
  • Chalfin, Brenda. 2020.“Experiments in Excreta to Energy: Sustainability Science and Bio-Necro Collaboration in Urban Ghana.” The Cambridge Journal of Anthropology 38(2): 88–104. .
  • Figueiredo, Cícero Célio de, Éllen GrizaWickert, Helen Cristina Vieira Neves, Thais Rodrigues Coser, and Jorge Paz‐Ferreiro. 2020. “Sewage SludgeBiochar Increases Nitrogen Fertilizer Recovery: Evidence from a 15N Tracer Field Study.” Soil Use and Management. .
  • Gabrielsson, Sara, Angela Huston, and Susan Gaskin. 2020. “Reframing the Challenges and Opportunities for Improved Sanitation Services in Eastern Africa Through Sustainability Science.” In Sustainability Challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa II: Insights from Eastern and Southern Africa, edited by Alexandros Gasparatos, Merle Naidoo, Abubakari Ahmed, Alice Karanja, Kensuke Fukushi, Osamu Saito, and Kazuhiko Takeuchi, 83–111. Science for Sustainable Societies. Singapore: Springer. .
  • Krause, Ariane. 2020. “Valuing Waste – A Multi-Method Analysis of the Use of Household Refuse from Cooking and Sanitation for Soil Fertility Management in Tanzanian Smallholdings.” In Organic Waste Composting through Nexus Thinking: Practices, Policies, and Trends, edited by Hiroshan Hettiarachchi, Serena Caucci, and Kai Schwärzel, 91–122. Cham: Springer International Publishing .
  • Libby, James A., E. Christian Wells, and James R. Mihelcic. 2020. “Moving up the Sanitation Ladder While Considering Function: An Assessment of Indigenous Communities, Pit Latrine Users, and Their Perceptions of Resource Recovery Sanitation Technology in Panama.” Environmental Science & Technology, November. .
  • Spuhler, Dorothee, Andreas Scheidegger, and Max Maurer. 2020. “Comparative Analysis of Sanitation Systems for Resource Recovery: Influence of Configurations and Single Technology Components.” Water Research 186 (November): 116281. .
  • Jadhav, Dipak A., Indrasis Das, Makarand M. Ghangrekar, and Deepak Pant. 2020. “Moving towards Practical Applications of Microbial Fuel Cells for Sanitation and Resource Recovery.” Journal of Water Process Engineering 38 (December): 101566. .
Other publications Other News
  • Sanivation, a resource-oriented sanitation provider based in Kenya, was recently featured in the Netflix documentary “Brave Blue World”.  Including U.S. film stars like Matt Damon, this groundbreaking documentary explores humanity’s innovations to remake the future of water.
This is a monthly digest of updates on productive sanitation, food security, and resource recovery from the SuSanA community members who work on these topics. The digest comes as a post on the SuSanA Forum once every last week of the month. If you want your work to be featured in the next edition, please do get in touch!
This November 2020 edition was compiled by Froggi VanRiper (Oregon State University).
Daniel Ddiba
Co-lead for SuSanA WG5: Productive sanitation and food security
Research Associate at Stockholm Environment Institute
Skype: daniel.ddiba
LinkedIn: Daniel Ddiba
Twitter: @DanielDdiba

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