SuSanA WG3 - SuSanA Meeting in Stockholm 2014


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SuSanA WG3 - SuSanA Meeting in Stockholm 2014

Dear Members of the SuSanA Working Group "Renewable energies and climate change",

I would like to raise your awareness regarding the upcoming SuSanA meeting taking place on Friday 5th and Saturday 6th September in Stockholm. Through the following link you can find the pre-meeting page:

I would like to organise a WG3 knowledge exchange meeting on 6th September at SEI or during the week in the SWWW venue.
I therefore kindly ask you:
1) If you are interested in attending?
2) What you would expect from such a meeting?
3) If you would like to share a special topic/issue (e.g. past/current work; ideas for working group activities; etc.) either during the WG meeting or with the whole SuSanA crowd during the plenary meeting.

Please also note that I am happy to feed in your inputs during the meeting in case you will not be personally present.

I look forward seeing some of you soon!

Kind regards,

Rahul Ingle Working group lead
Best regards,

Rahul Ingle

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