New task for WG 2: 1 pager on costing?

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New task for WG 2: 1 pager on costing?

Dear WG 2

How about a few folks putting their heads together and writing up a quick one pager on costing as suggested here by Jonathan:

I think that this would be a manageable task and would be useful output.

So please reply to this thread with your ideas for such a 1 pager, and then we can put it together.

See in the same thread Christoph's useful outline with an example.

Look forward to seeing some activity around this.


Trevor Surridge
Sanitation Advisor
GIZ Water and Sanitation Program
German Development Cooperation

GIZ Water Programme office
Chaholi Rd. No 5, Rhodes Park
Private Bag RW 37x
Lusaka, Zambia
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