New Co-Lead of SuSanA Working Group 1 on Capacity Development

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New Co-Lead of SuSanA Working Group 1 on Capacity Development

Hello Capacity Developers,

I’m excited to be the new co-lead of working group 1. I look forward to supporting Dorothee Spuhler in achieving our group’s objectives and working with the members of the group. Capacity development is critical for scaling up sanitation!

About myself: I’ve been with CAWST for over 2 years working as an Education Program Developer focused on sanitation. I’ve been leading the development of our sanitation materials, which includes our latrine design and construction workshop and more recently our co-developed workshop on fecal sludge management with SANDEC. I also work with clients to improve or develop their training materials. This past year, I’ve worked a lot with NIUA in India, to design and implement a Sanitation Capacity Building Platform (SCBP).

I have a MSc Water and Environmental Management from WEDC, Loughborough University and a BSc in Environmental Sciences focused on water resources from the University of Southampton. Before joining CAWST, I worked as a water consultant in French Guiana where I worked on WASH projects with both isolated communities and local government.

But most importantly, I’m really passionate about sanitation and capacity building!

Hope to meet you soon,

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