"What to do with poo?" challenge


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  • I am currently working on a sanitation competition called "What to do with poo?" This challenge is part of a larger programme called the Nakuru County Sanitation Programme, which aims to put a sanitation value chain in place in Nakuru County, Kenya.
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"What to do with poo?" challenge

Around 50% of the 415000 people in low-income areas of Nakuru County in Kenya lack access to adequate sanitation facilities.

SNV, Vitens Evides International, WSUP and NAWASSCO have jointly launched the Nakuru County Sanitation Programme. This programme will improve the county's sanitation value chain; right from the ecosan toilets, through to collection, transportation and processing.
Right now the plans are to process the human waste for agricultural purposes. But even MORE can be done with human waste. We are challenging everyone to join the "What to do with poo?" challenge by coming up with innovative end products and services for the sanitation value chain.
By signing up on www.whattodowithpoo.com you can submit your ideas, join and start discussions, and advise and give feedback to ideas submitted.
Let us work together to improve the sanitation value chain in Nakuru and use human waste as a the valuable resource that it is!

Watch this short video vimeo.com/66883217 to get an idea of the context, how one can join the challenge and what you stand to win!
Esther Umutoni Glotzbach
ESA WASH and Local Organizer
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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