Making the invisible visible in the sanitation chain


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Making the invisible visible in the sanitation chain

There has been great success in building toilets across the Global South. But the workforce and invisible infrastructures required to deliver safe sanitation for all receives much less attention, and sanitation workers still suffer severe discrimination.

As part of the interdisciplinary research and arts element of the ‘ Towards Brown Gold ’ project, we highlight these issues, known as second-generation sanitation challenges. We have built a  sanitation education and lobbying facility at Lumbini Peace Park Nepal  and are engaging with sanitation workers and community members to push for rights to clean water and to raise awareness of the potential for shit re-use. We also developed a  performance with Sanitation workers at the Women of the World Festival  this year at Lumbini Peace Park to increase the visibility of sanitation workers at this site.

In this new blog from the Towards Brown Gold project , we show the importance of some of these activities in highlighting the often invisible aspects of sanitation on  World Toilet Day .
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