Open sharing of raw datasets - via SuSanA?


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Open sharing of raw datasets - via SuSanA?

Thanks Linda for posting your paper here .

You also raise an interesting point regarding open sharing of raw datasets. I think hosting such a data points in SuSanA can help various research members of SuSanA and make data collection a more concerted effort within the community. I look forward to hearing more opinions from forum practitioners on this and how we may organise such data on the forum platform to be within the legal and ethical bounds.

Thank you,


Eva Mary

Program Coordinator
Programs and Administration
Faecal Sludge Management Alliance
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Re: Open sharing of raw datasets - via SuSanA?

Dear Eva,
I support you in this idea and think it would be a great initiative. Even if raw data sets were not located on the SuSanA website, it would be valuable to have a compilation of references/links to available data sets. This would also maybe be more valuable, as the data sets are compiled together as a complete package with all of the relevant information and citation information.
Here we have also shared raw data from Tanzania and Senegal
We have another paper and data set coming out later this year with 420 data points from Lusaka. I will share the link once it is published.
Dear Charlotte, thank you also for your comments!
Best regards,
Linda Strande, PhD
Senior Scientist
Eawag - Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science & Technology
Sandec - Department of Water & Sanitation in Developing Countries
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Re: Open sharing of raw datasets - via SuSanA?

This sounds like a good idea,

I would be interested in ways to share and access data through the forum. I was thinking about this earlier in the year and posted a question asking about collecting and sharing WASH data in relation to COVID-19:

Maybe, if there is enough interest, a sub-working group could be set up to canvass opinion and see what is needed/useful, and what could be systematised above and beyond what is already available from existing sources (SDG 6 Portal etc.). Also, I think sharing data collection, validation and analysis methodologies and ideas as well as raw data would be helpful too.

Thanks for the initiative Eva and for sharing your research Linda.

Best wishes,

Marcus Erridge
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