terra preta/ clivus minimus (building a composting urine diversion toilet on a farm)


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terra preta/ clivus minimus

Hey all!
I read through this forum and learned a lot. I know it's a beginner question as some of you work in the field.

I am interested on building a composting urine diversion toilet on a farm. I went through a lot of reading and am still somewhat confused. To begin with I need to choose between aerobic and anaerobic toilet. I am doing it all DIY so I would like to find a good process that would ultimately yield the best soil/fertilizer for the farm soil.

I was leaning at the beginning on the clivus minimus design as it looks efficient and without too much handling it.
I came across thogh with the terra preta concept and through that to the anaerobic toilets concept (I use my kitchen scraps for biogas so I am familiar with anaerobic digester)
But it left me pretty confused as to how the method go, it looks like a complex process and I would like to perhaps be helped to implement it more easily, to find a compromise between the methods or to settle on one so I'm gonna shoot up some questions hoping this community could provide me with some guidance :)

To begin with, the Clivus design looks to me as it actually just dehydrate the compost or am I mistaken? would this design allow the use of the compost for food plants? would adding of biochar to the compost help in preserving the escape of nutrients ?( I have a woodgas stove that I cook on)

As for the terra preta, how do I inoculate with the lactofermenting bacteria, could one produce the inuculum diy? what kind of amount is needed and is it worth it?

I came across designs of anaerobic composting toilet that do not use the lactofermenting bacteria, instead the wast material is stored in a air tight container (some said with open bottom with brown leafs and soil) to a period of12-18 month. would this be a more accessible way to compost? (same question about adding biochar)

Thank you

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