terra preta/ clivus minimus (building a composting urine diversion toilet on a farm)


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Re: terra preta/ clivus minimus

I made a small experiment: made the whey EM and ependen it with brown suger.
I used it as foliage spray and it's really pretty great. I have used it for urine fermentation and it did reduced the smell and the PH was around 5 after a week. I diluted it with water to irrigate the garden and looks like my plants liked it.
I also used it on feces in a closed container with wood shaving as bulk, I also added a few food scrapes and a bit of water and some EM inoculate. It's been a month so I opened to check. I don't think the smell is reduced at all so I am kind of worried to move it to vermicomposting. Should I leave it longer?
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