A short follow-up on the WTD in New York from an ACF-perspective (better sanitation for better nutrition)


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A short follow-up on the WTD in New York from an ACF-perspective (better sanitation for better nutrition)

A short follow-up on the WTD in New York from an ACF-perspective:

Jean Lapegue, Senior WASH Advisor from ACF (SuSanA member), was invited at the World Toilet Day UN conference in New York panel, in order to present the WASH in Nutrition strategy from a field practitioner perspective and propose key recommendations to improve WASH in Nutrition in programmes. Those operational recommendations were done in parallel of research recommendations done by Robert Chambers (IDS). The Bonn meeting outcomes, especially the coordination of the WASH and Nutrition clusters, was presented by the moderator and UNSGAB chair, Uschi Eid . The 10 main recommendations proposed are:
  • Promote the integration of WASH interventions into national policies, strategies and action plans aiming at undernutrition reduction
  • Develop and reinforce multisectoral approaches as a preventive approach of undernutrition (nutrition security)
  • Promote multisectoral and multilateral undernutrition prevention funding mechanisms
  • Increase the share of WASH into Nutrition oriented investments, increase WASH and Nutrition ODA
  • Adopt a human right approach, especially based on 2010 Water and Sanitation Human Right declaration
  • Improve dialogue and coordination between Nutrition and WASH sectors, both in development and emergency contexts (reference to Bonn WASH Nutrition Forum 11th November 2015)
  • Promote programmatic integration of activities (such as WASH programmes in high undernutrition prevalence areas)
  • Ensure a "minimum WASH package" is available for Households, Health Centers and Communities of high undernutrition prevalence areas
  • Work specifically with the mother-child dyad, and promote environmental hygiene and behaviour change to ensure long lasting impact
  • Fund research, especially on the impact of WASH projects on SAM treatment, on the Sub-Saharan Africa region, and on the impact of environmental sanitation on Environmental Enteric Dysfunction
It has been said that ACF is supporting several advocacy projects connected to the subject, such as the SUN movement and Generation Nutrition. ACF is also a member of the SuSanA network, which gathers more than 1100 members and 59 countries on the WASH in Nutrition subject, and of various coordination groups supporting the WASH in Nutrition initiative, such as the French Water Coalition.
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