Fresh/Undigested Sludge in Planted Drying Beds

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Fresh/Undigested Sludge in Planted Drying Beds


Any experience of using fresh/undigested sludge in Planted Drying Beds?

Our experience so far shows that fresh sludge tends to clog the beds, have a lesser to dewater, and takes a much larger time to dry as compared to digested sludge.

But considering the fact that we need to cater to the demand of treating fresh sludge overflowing from temporary shelters, establishments what might be the possible technical solutions?

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Re: Fresh/Undigested Sludge in Planted Drying Beds

Dear Snehit,

I think your observation makes sense and fits to the general observation also made with sewage sludge: it is easier to dewater and dry after it has been anaerobically digested. But anaerobic digestion of fecal sludge is probably a fairly complex step in your setup and one that you might not be keen on.

What does the literature say about planted drying beds for fecal sludge? For example, does the FSM book by EAWAG have any helpful information for you?:
Strande, L., Ronteltap, M., Brdjanovic, D. (Eds.) (2014). Faecal Sludge Management (FSM) book - Systems Approach for Implementation and Operation. IWA Publishing, UK (ISBN: 9781780404738)

Chapter 8?

Let us know what you find. Always interesting to hear from practitioners working in the field (in difficult conditions in your case).


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