Fecal sludge reaching at FSTP mixed with industrial effluent


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Fecal sludge reaching at FSTP mixed with industrial effluent

Hi all,

Inquisitive to know if anyone has the experience of dealing with fecal sludge reaching treatment plant mixed with industrial effluent. I mean apart from trying to make some regulations, orienting septage operators etc. what protocol should be in place so that the presence of industrial waste can be detected and the mixture will be denied to be treated in an FSTP. We were thinking of conducting a quick test of say color, odor, pH. Anything robust yet spot test out there?

Thanks to all
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Re: Fecal sludge reaching at FSTP mixed with industrial effluent

No direct experience, but maybe heavy metals / lead etc.?

It also depends on your treatment process I would guess... if biological treatment is an important part of it and the industrial effluents are likely to severely disturb that, it might be a good idea to have some larger holding tanks and first do a COD Vs. BOD5 comparison before feeding the sludge into the treatment process only 5 days later?
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Re: Fecal sludge reaching at FSTP mixed with industrial effluent

Dear Niladri,

I think you should also try and investigate upstream: do you know which industries are in your catchment? Do they have effluent requirements? Do they stick to them? Do they perhaps have their own pre-treatment plants on site?
I remember in Brisbane Water there was a strong team of trade waste officers who used to go around and check on the major industries in the catchment. The industries could then work out what's cheaper for them: pay trade waste fees or install onsite treatment systems. This was for a conventional sewer system, not specifically for a fecal sludge treatment plant.

Please tell us more about this case?

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