Additives for pits, septic tanks, lagoons (faecal sludge). (includes EM)


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Re: Additives for pits, septic tanks, lagoons (faecal sludge). (includes EM)

I had experimented with some of such claimed "enzymes"/ bacterial cultures, in New Delhi and could not find any effective, in case of human waste digestion. I performed experiments with EM solution also, in comparison to the control- fresh human wastes, in the presence of its marketing executive in India, way back around the year 2005, . There was no miserable difference between the experimental and control sets.
The reason could be that human wastes already contain high density of very active hydrolytic bacteria and adding a few external microbes is not effective in comparison to the control. Such external microbes may be useful in case of solid waste degradation, where natural hydraulytic bacteria are not significantly present. The topic was discussed on the forum long back- as mentioned by Elisabeth.

Pawan Jha
Foundation for Environment and Sanitation
Mahavir Enclave
New Delhi 110045, India
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