Organisational Knowledge management - An innovative framework for embedding knowledge management in an organisation

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Organisational Knowledge management


I wanted to share with the WG one of the outstanding presentations from WEDC (in my opinion). I have been working on Knowledge Management fro WASH fro a short period but it has been a steep learning curve for me. I have found organisational it is an often neglected area. Yes we write reports and we take photos but do we really learn from it?

I found myself listening with fascination to Kathy presenting on a framework for embedding KM within organisations. Personally there was a lot to digest and to take back to my organisation.

I would love to hear more about other organisations experiences of pushing the KM boulder up the hill.


Esther Shaylor
WASH Communications and Knowledge Management Adviser
Oxfam GB
Working on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Phase 3 SuSanA project (see here: )

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Re: Organisational Knowledge management

Thanks Esther, I'm pleased you liked my new approach to Knowledge Management. It seemed to resonate with many people at the WEDC conference. Cheers
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Re: Organisational Knowledge management

Hi Esther and Kathy

Maybe this is something that could be shared during our next meeting in Stockholm ?
Cheers, Dorothee

Dorothee Spuhler
WG1 Co-lead
Working with Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management (SSWM) based at seecon, Switzerland /
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