Sanitation coverage data for schools


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Sanitation coverage data for schools

I am looking for sources of data on sanitation coverage in schools in multiple countries across the globe.
Ahead of the WASH in Schools multi-country report soon to be released from UNICEF, it would be great to track down any additional data sources for the types (e.g., pit latrine, VIP latrine, septic tank, flush toilet, etc.) and coverage of sanitation solutions for schools in any of the following countries:
Asia -- Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, China
Africa -- Ethiopia, Ghana, DR Congo, Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda
Americas -- Haiti, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Peru, Honduras, Colombia, Brazil, Guatemala
Thanks everyone!

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Re: Sanitation coverage data for schools

The following reply reached us from Nangula in Tanzania:

Good morning,

I am surprised that the study conducted by Unicef, WaterAid and SNV in 2009/2010 (published Nov. 2010) in Tanzania has not reached a wider audience, especially within the organization!

It is titled: "School Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Mapping in Tanzania" and covers 16 districts (we have a total of 129):

"In the sixteen survey districts, a total of 2,697 schools were mapped, of which 22 (less than 1%) are
pre-schools, 2,164 (80%) are primary schools (some including a pre-school class) and 511 (19%) are
secondary schools."

Please contact any one of the following for a copy and more information:
Le Thi Thuy Houng WASH Advisor SNV
Wilhelmina Malima, WASH Specialist UNICEF
Rebecca Budimu, WASH specialist UNICEF
Marko Msambazi Sanitation Team Leader WaterAid

I hope this helps.

Best regards,

Nangula Heita Mwampamba

Dr. Elisabeth von Muench
Independent consultant located in Ulm, Germany
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Re: Sanitation coverage data for schools

Thanks Nangula for the good comment,
I am no so sure about data from Ministry of health if they can have such data cause they are more of concern from the government side. Also (but not sure) if one can get data from Tanzania Statistical Bureau (TBS)

Deus Masige
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Re: Sanitation coverage data for schools

I would recommend to search throught the new WASH in schools mapping webpage of UNICEF with around 50 countries which have been mapped. It contains country relevant information on coverage and quality of services.

Best regards,
GIZ Uganda
Enhanced Water Security and Sanitation (ENWASS)
Sanitation for Millions
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