eToilets to spread hygiene awareness among students with GREEN ARMY


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eToilets to spread hygiene awareness among students with GREEN ARMY

Eram Scientific has re-engineered the basic eToilet Public Model and has developed an innovative eToilet model apt for schools. This novel eToilet School Model is put in place to create and spread better sense of awareness on hygiene and cleanliness amongst children in schools. Prime thrust being hygiene and cleanliness to improvise and practise better sanitation customs amongst the upcoming generation, the school model is well equipped to offer the most modern amenities such as napkin vending machines and incinerators. This will ensure proper hygiene and sanitized ambience for girls besides providing a much safer and healthier environment. The eToilet School Model can unquestionably trim down the rate of diseases and other related ill effects often caused due to poor hygiene habits.

To create a vibe amongst the students to inculcate good hygiene habits, the eToilets are designed with Green Army caricatures. These animated images displayed on the eToilets showcase hygiene messages through innovative platforms.

The eToilet School Models have received overwhelming responses from the school authorities. Recently 8 eToilet School Models has been installed in 8 schools across Thiruvananthapuram, the Capital City of Kerala.

Note by moderator (EvM): see also here on the forum more information about these eToilets by Eram Scientific:

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