Looking for standards for school toilets (recommended toilets:learners)


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Re: Reply: Looking for standards for school toilets (recommended toilets:learners)

Dear Bobbie,

I can tell you that in France, there is 2 standards and I do not understand when one is used and not the other one.
first standard is 1 toilet for 10 girls and 1 toilet for 10 boys. The other one is 1 toilet for 20 girls and 1 toilets for 20 boys.
The minimum is 2 toilet with 1 for people with a handicap. If there are 3 toilet, 1 is for girls, 1 for boys and 1 for people with handicap.

This is also good to adapt toilets for people with a handicap.


Emmanuel Morin
Emanuel Morin
Ecodomeo - France
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Re: Fwd: AW: question on school toilet standards in different countries

Just like community toilet projects, it's the complete cycle of installation, servicing, maintenance and repair that will keep school toilets being used and in good condition.

And responsibility for these activities post-installation needs to be clear from the start - who, what, when, why etc

So I think responsibility for failure of toilet facilities to be used and kept in good order can, in many cases, be laid at the feet of the original project team - the job is not done just because the toilets are built

Great to see systems being put in place to address this such as at: www.washtechnologies.net/en/
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Re: Looking for standards for school toilets (recommended toilets:learners)

Dear Colleague,

Please follow on the link below which will take you to a manual developed jointly by WHO/UNICEF for the minimum standards of WASH Services in schools in low income countries


Hope this will be of help
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