WASH in School (looking for partners to support us for WASH in School, Pakistan)


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WASH in School (looking for partners to support us for WASH in School, Pakistan)

Dear Friends!

I visited with our team to many schools Primary, Middle and High Schools both Males and Females, a lot of things are missing there, I was wonder, how the students studying there? how thy can study in these schools? they don't have safe drinking water and even in some schools not even any sources, no sanitation, no Hygiene, no toilets, missing classrooms, no Benches, no disks no chairs in these school, in some schools females are setting on the floor in this cold weather (11 to 14 years old) the little kids (from age 4 to 12 years) students are setting on the floor too in class rooms and some outside in ground under the trees. Even in some schools the students bringing a peace of cloths or something from their home to seat on it but in the morning the young student bring it from their classrooms to seat on it before the owner will reach to school.
so strange, so sad very bad conditions in these schools.
Here I am looking partners to support us for WASH in School, Pakistan.

Thank you for your time and concentration.
Best Regards

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