Podcast on involving local communities for sustainable WASH in Schools


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Podcast on involving local communities for sustainable WASH in Schools

This IRC WASH Talk podcast episode discusses the creative solutions Simavi and Aqua for All use in Africa. Read the news article and listen to the podcast

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The importance of WASH in schools has been globally recognised by its inclusion in the SDG targets 4.a, 6.1 and 6.2. WASH coverage in schools is not adequate. In Sub-Saharan Africa, 53% of schools have limited drinking water services, 14% have limited sanitation services and 21% have basic hygiene services. (Drinking Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in Schools: Global baseline report 2018)

In episode 20 of WASH Talk, host Andy Narracott talks about WASH in schools with Linda Lilian, Knowledge Management and Learning Specialist at Simavi Uganda and Machtelt Oudenhuijzen, Senior Programme Manager at Aqua for All and lead of the Football for Water programme.

Linda is involved in the WASH and Learn! programme which Simavi is leading with six local partners in Kenya,Tanzania and Uganda. Linda shares examples on generating income to maintain facilities in schools, involving school leaders, communities, parents and children. Policies differ per country so context specific solutions need to be found. Machtelt as lead of Football for Water, a unique programme in Ghana, Kenya and Mozambique, explains that it is difficult to motivate local stakeholders. Therefore, they advise on appropriate design, easy to clean facilities that are affordable and safe for children. Football for Water uses the game of football to instigate behaviour change in children and teaches them life skills.
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