Actual Cost of School Toilets in developing countries


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Re: Actual Cost of School Toilets

You need published, quotable sources?

However I doubt this will really give you any usable figures anyways. The service level and material cost differences are just so huge.

So what might appear to be more or less the same system could easily cost 10 times as much either because of inadequate supply markets or because of relatively minor construction differenes such as tiling, paint, type of roofing etc.

The pre-existing (or not) water supply can also make a huge difference. Same for difficult ground(water) conditions that might require adapted construction efforts not captured by "holes".

All in all, such a list will be more misleading than helpful I think. Sorry :)

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Actual Cost of School Toilets

Dear All,

For a short research assignment, I am looking for actual cost of school toilets in developing countries. If you have recently seen some information i.e. last 3 to 4 years. Please share this with me. I am happy to compile this for the benefit of all;

1) Country;
2) Cost of the Toilet (in US $);
3) Toilet Holes Provided;
4) Type of the Toilet;
5) Any break down of the cost components;

Many thanks in advance

Mansoor Ali, PhD
UK, WEDC Loughborough University and UK WASH Network

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