Flush toilets that don't leak!


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Flush toilets that don't leak!

Save Water, Cut down on Leaks!
The Zambezi EYE Toilet Cistern | No Outlet Valve That Can Leak 

The Zambezi EYE Toilet Cistern is a new product on the market, ideally suited to toilets where the user is not
responsible for the water bill: Institutions, Hostels, RDP housing, Public Toilets, schools, etc.
The technology has been demonstrated to and approved by the WRC of South Africa.
To illustrate the effectiveness of changing to a Zambezi EYE Toilet Cistern, flow meters were fitted to 9 toilets in RDP
houses where the tenants do not pay for water. The average water usage in those 9 toilets was 66 Kl/Month.
Once the EYE Toilet Cistern was fitted, the flow was reduced to 1.9 Kl/Month.
As seen in the video, there is no outlet valve that can leak.
For further information contact Mike Heathcote, Water Systems & Solutions: 083 662 1488
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Water Systems & Solutions
Treat, Recycle, Save!

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