Survey: Biofiltration in African and Caribbean Countries (biofilters for odor and VOCs control)


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Survey: Biofiltration in African and Caribbean Countries (biofilters for odor and VOCs control)


I'm doing my master's thesis on the subject of biofilters for odor and VOCs control. The research focuses on understanding the potential of installing this technology in countries from Africa and the Caribbean.

I made a questionnaire, which takes no more than 5-7 minutes to answer in order to collect some of the information that I have not found in references. I appreciate that you please could help me in this process.

The questionnaire is focused for people born or who have lived or worked in these regions (Africa and the Caribbean). It's completely confidential!

Here's the link:



Kind regards,

Johanny Pérez Sierra, MSc. (candidate)
Researcher at: Department of Waste Management and Emissions
Institute for Sanitary Engineering, Water Quality and Solid Waste Management
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Re: Survey: Biofiltration in African and Caribbean Countries (biofilters for odor and VOCs control)

Dear all,

I've asked Johanny what came out of the survey and thesis which she had posted about in June 2013. She replied to me:


Dear Dr. Muench,
Thank you for your email. You can access the results of my Master thesis here:

Kind regards,
Johanny Perez Sierra


The book is called:
Biofiltration of Waste Gases in Africa and the Caribbean: Legal frame, local suppliers and know-how – 13 December 2013 by Johanny Perez Sierra, Martin Reiser, Klaus Fischer

As the topic of odour control is so important (and perhaps gaining even more importance now), I have created a dedicated sub-sub-section for it here:

I invite you to take a browse of the existing threads in there to see what we have already discussed so far about odour control.

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