16th SuSanA meeting in Stockholm (with feedback)


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Re: 16th SuSanA meeting in Stockholm (with feedback)

Here a summary from the working group 7 meeting:

we had a short meeting with 15 participants during the SuSanA meeting in Stockholm. Thanks to SEI for hosting us!

In the discussion, the main issues mentioned were the following:

Gender is still a very important topic in the field, as most MDG are dependent on gender equality*. The participatory process in rural communities requires a strong involvement of women and men to be successful. But also the young people should not be forgotten as in many societies they do not have equal rights. The proposal was to collect more case studies with focus on gender to demonstrate good examples. Another proposal was to screen international WASH policies if they include gender aspects.

Schools was considered as ongoing important theme for SuSanA, as the children can be the multiplier for spreading the message and change behaviour. It was proposed to collect good SuSanA school stories and to publish them in a more media friendly way to raise awareness for school sanitation.It was reminded at the example from the Fit in Schools Programme in the Philippines that hand washing as key to avoid the spreading of faecal related desease and should not be forgotten when implementing new school toilets.

Related to rural communities, the question was raised how to keep a focus on rural communities as a lot of focus in the development cooperation world is currently on the issues of growing cities incl slums. The collection of successful institutional settings for sustainable sanitation, maybe a new fact sheet for it was again mentioned.

Due to the lack of time, we could not really discuss how best to continue. So I would be happy to have your comments and additions what I missed to mention from the participants!

Claudia Wendland, WECF

PS from my side:

Who is interested in being the lead or co-lead of the wg7!!

* The discussion about the post-MDG targets for WASH covers the gender aspects in a separate group “equality and non-discrimination”. If you want to contribute to the discussion how to better involve gender aspects in the targets and indicators, here you go: . www.wssinfo.org/post-2015-monitoring/wor...-non-discrimination/
Claudia Wendland
Water and Sanitation Specialist
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Re: 16th SuSanA meeting in Stockholm (with feedback)

Dear Colleagues,

It is my great pleasure to have a set of these days, in fact since we left Stockholm, we had to put in place a series of days refunds on past meeting in Stockholm in involvement of our organization on new practices in terms of sustainable sanitation, and as you know, our major concern and do not miss no meetings Susana
In my case I thought it was time to develop a tool to develop a draft general plan focuses on sustainable sanitation with the goal, ultimately developing a vade mecum
Hence it would be important to put in place a series of participatory forums focused on several poles in order to achieve this goal has
I would be happy to further deepen with more information in the coming days
But I also love the subgroup dream to finance the participation of the various meetings of the South, because as you know we are facing financial problems and thus ensuring that our participation is not difficult to meetings and therefore we are always down
I hope that this issue will be on the agenda
Here are attached the report of the launch of our first activity and some photos of the activity

we will let you know to accompany us in
this approach difficult but not impossible.

[attachment:2]rapport preliminaire corrige.pdf[/attachment]






Be sure to relay this information members group.
but also with more means we do more, we need support from everyone to arrive at our end

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Re: Videos now available!

(Dear Danny, I did not really understand your post well. And your attachments were not able to be opened?)

Dear all,

I am happy to announce that the videos from Day 1 of the SuSanA meeting are now available online!
Please find them here:

Or on the meeting page, where they are linked next to the presenters:

I think they turned out very well, the sound is excellent. The presenter is a bit small but one can see the slides at the same time, which is useful.
Thanks to Petter for doing the filming, Hac for editing and Trevor or organising everything!!

Please tell me if you are finding these videos useful? Should this be a standard feature for SuSanA meetings? Are you enjoying watching them?
Sorry, we didn't manage to film the presentations for Day 2, as the room set-up was not as conducive (lecture hall in a university). But if there is demand then we will try harder next time.

Dr. Elisabeth von Muench
Independent consultant located in Ulm, Germany
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Twitter: @EvMuench
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Re: Minutes and participant's evaluation availabe

Dear all,

Last week, Trevor and I finalised the minutes and the evaluation of the 16th SuSanA meeting. I am glad to let you know that they are available for download at the meeting page .
Or here: www.susana.org/lang-en/meetings/16th-sus...ing-stockholm-sweden

I hope these documents can give an idea for the ones who couldn't be there. For the participants, we are happy to hear your comments!

All the best,
Programme Officer at GIZ - Sustainable Sanitation Programme
and the SuSanA Secretariat
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