Two New Websites from WHO and USAID - microsite on WASH in Healthcare Facilities


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Two New Websites from WHO and USAID

My friend, Dan Campbell, Knowledge Creation/WASH Specialist, USAID Water Communications and Knowledge Management (CKM) Project, has informed that WHO has a new website at:

I looked at the website. It has lots of useful publications on WASH. The publications will be useful for the Susana library.

Dan also informed that the USAID’s Global Health’s MCSP program just launched a microsite on WASH in Healthcare Facilities -

WASH in healthcare facilities is the topic of this site. Videos are very interesting. It says that 15.5% of patients develop one or more health care-associated infections during their stay. This is an important statistics. The section on: “Why Focus on WASH in Health Care Facilities” is interesting.

This is a useful site, considering the fact that in most developing countries, the WASH scenario is not encouraging.

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