2022 Hand Hygiene Annual Research Summary


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2022 Hand Hygiene Annual Research Summary

Dear Colleagues,

I assisted Aarin Palomares and the Global Handwashing Partnership in preparing the 2022 Hand Hygiene Annual Research Summary, be sure to check it out! The 2022 hand hygiene annual research summary outlines key themes and findings from hygiene-related research papers published in 2022. Sections include hand hygiene impacts, hand hygiene access and supplies, and determinants and interventions for hand hygiene behavior change in various settings.

Based on the research published in 2022, consider thefollowing:

Conduct further research on non-health outcomes. Hand hygieneis often linked to disease prevention and thus, many studies focus on the links between hand hygiene and various health outcomes. However, there were limited studies focused on non-health outcomes in 2022. Further research is needed to link hand hygiene to non-health outcomes, such as economic benefits to individuals and the community, as well as issues such as child development, dignity and inclusion. This data could be used in advocacy efforts and encourage more investment toward hand hygiene beyond the usual funders.

Knowledge is not enough to drive behavior change. Many studies noted knowledge as a determinant for hand hygiene; however, the research also shows that high knowledge in handwashing does not necessarily equate to long-term behavior change. Efforts should focus on addressing a range of determinants to change hand hygiene behavior, including ensuring access to hand hygiene facilities, addressing social and cultural norms, and targeting individual motives.

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