Intensifying hand hygiene measures in Nepali communities


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Intensifying hand hygiene measures in Nepali communities

Meet 83-year-old Bhama Bidhya Paudel, who lives in a small rural community in eastern Nepal. Bhama Bidhya Paudel is picking up new hand hygiene habits, thanks to her eight-year-old grand daughter Prabesika, who has taught her the importance of hygiene in preventing coronavirus. Today, she washes her hands with soap and water instead of merely rinsing them.

I'm thrilled to let share with you a  story for Global Handwashing Day which describes how COVID-19 provided a wake-up call for hand hygiene for all promotion in Nepal.

This story by Renu Kshetry, for WSSCC soon becoming the Sanitation and Hygiene Fund, shows how determination to deliver preventative WASH solutions to a community pays off.

“Handwashing is not just for personal protection. When used properly, hand hygiene becomes part of a communal safety net,” says Prabhat Shrestha, Chief of Environment Sanitation and Sewerage Management at the Department of Water Supply and Sanitation in Nepal.

This article is available here

Please read a series of stories being published for Global Handwashing day at  

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