Handwashing - a matter of mere question of reflex, conviction, and responsibility

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Handwashing and me: a reflex or a habit?
Washing hands for ordinary people is a reflex in everyone, a simple shrug for all except small children (under 10 years). This should be innate to all man. But this act, as a reflex, requires conditioning to be triggered systematically. And this conditioning is linked to one or more excitations of our sense organs. Here in the case of our hands, it is about sight, smell and touch. Otherwise, if I see that my hands are dirty / dirty (mud, food, blood, etc.), I wash them and when I feel that they have a bad smell (fish, poo, gasoline etc.), and I wash them. However, if simple water can very often remove dirt, for odors, I am forced to use products, which can range from the simplest (soap, ash) to the more complicated (alcohol, other detergents). Well, not so simple, the conditioning of my reflex is also excited by the touch, in other words if I doubt what I touched as dirty or dangerous, I rush to wash my hands immediately. But, I often sometimes even underestimate or misjudge the dangerousness of what I touch or manipulate (invisibility of microbes and other viruses to the naked eye), misleading clean appearance of my hands, or laziness of simply wash them ... While washing my hands, the effects I'm looking for are the cleanliness of my hands (aesthetics / ease) and my protection and comfort (fear intoxication / ease).
So, if it is always good to wash our hands for obvious reasons, does it mean all the time wash his hands? Who would have the time and the means to do this?
My "friend" WASH for some years now, one of whose approaches is the Handwashing with soap, because convinced by this evidence that it reduces the risk of diarrhea of 50%, has, unless required a regular washing, ask to do it at certain critical times: before eating, before preparing food (cooking), after the toilet and after the anal washing of children. Ha! "Before eating," hmm! dear "friend" WASH, often when I'm hungry as a wolf and the good smell of food makes me waggle and heckle my nostrils, I admit that sometimes I forget or I lose the reflex to wash myself hands ... For the rest it seems easy (smell and dirt oblige) but here too dear "friend" WASH many of your protected women at home are convinced that the stool of children are innocuous and harmless
You agree with me that all this is ultimately a matter of mere question of reflex, conviction, and responsibility ... Ha! In all that, to doubt, we say we must know ... By the way, when the habit of washing my hands regularly with soap will settle permanently at me! For that I must changing mindset, and that’s all the question!

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