WASH committees, integration within existing networks, work with professionals...What is the best strategy for hygiene promotion?


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WASH committees, integration within existing networks, work with professionals...What is the best strategy for hygiene promotion?

Many WASH programmes rely on training hygiene promoters for its activities related to hygiene promotion. These hygiene promoters are usually members of the WASH committees set up to manage the water infrastructures put in place (wells, boreholes fitted with hand pump, etc.).

One can argue than for sustainability purpose it would be better to rely on existing local networks, such as community health workers and that hygiene promotion should be integrated as much as possible within the existing health system rather than setting up parallel system such as WASH hygiene promoters.

On the other hand, one can argue that these networks are often busy promoting many other messages that those related to hygiene and we know than to achieve effective behaviour change, it is better to plan specific campaign targeting one topic at a time.

Extract from Concern worldwide WASH strategy 2016-2020 (only a draft at this stage): “Hygiene promotion will be delivered more consistently through a twofold strategy: The first step is raising general community awareness on WASH-related diseases and how to prevent them. This can be done through the existing health or community volunteer network. Secondly, specific campaigns targeting one behaviour at a time and using different channels to ignite an emotional response that trigger the desire for change plus additional action to help people to put into practices the behaviours proposed. This type of multi-pronged approach has been shown to be very effective in changing behaviours.1 ”

For the second part of our HP strategy, the idea is more to recruit professionals such as a theatre company or any local organisation specialised in performing lively facilitations in front of people (to be trained on WASH/hygiene specificities).
What do you think? Does it seem relevant to you?
We are open to any critic!

WASH advisor for Concern

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Ref 1: Biran A, Schmidt WP, Varadharajan KS. Effect of a behaviour-change intervention on handwashing with soap in India (SuperAmma): a cluster-randomised trial The Lancet Global Health, March 2014)
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