New video on decentralised wastewater treatment in urban areas


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  • I am a sanitation consultant, trainer and researcher, working for and with Eawag for more than ten years. I am specialised in planning non-sewered and decentralised sanitation systems in low- and middle-income contexts, urban and rural, as well as humanitarian, with an approach that falls today under the umbrella of citywide inclusive sanitation.
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New video on decentralised wastewater treatment in urban areas

Dear all,
Decentralised wastewater treatment is a key (but often neglected) component of citywide
inclusive sanitation, next to centralised sewerage and FSM. I would like to
share with you a new online course module explaining the topic in less than 10
min., including scaling up and governance aspects. The video builds among
others on the experience from the 4S project in India and features the case
study of Bengaluru. It is aimed to be used for training and advocacy purposes.

It has been produced as part of Eawag-Sandec’s online course on citywide inclusive sanitation
Best regards,
Philippe Reymond
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