Quality parameters of septage that need to be tested

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Quality parameters of septage that need to be tested

Hi All,

I would like to know from the forum users regarding which type of quality parameters need to be tested for septage/fecal sludge collected from HHs and community toilet septic tanks , before planning for a septage treatment option.

It would be great if you could share any quality test results that have been taken for septage.

Many thanks.


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Re: Quality parameters of septage that need to be tested

Dear Aasim,

I recommend you to have a look at Chapter 2 of the FSM book on faecal sludge characterization. You will find following this link: www.eawag.ch/fileadmin/Domain1/Abteilung.../FSM_Ch02_lowres.pdf

You common parameters for characterization of faecal sludge to plan and design faecal sludge treatment are:
- pH, electric conductivity, temperature
- Total solids
- Total suspended solids
- Biological and chemical oxygen demand
- Total phosphorus, phosphate
- Total Nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen, total kjeldhal nitrogen

This is a long list of parameters and might not be economical for every project. pH, electric conductivity, total solids, total suspended solids and chemical oxygen demand gives you a good idea what kind of sludge you are dealing with.

I hope this helps.


Moritz Gold
PhD student ETH Zurich & Eawag/Sandec
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