correcting outdated (damaging)composting advice/instruction


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correcting outdated (damaging)composting advice/instruction

Black Soldier Fly larvae are finally starting to make their mark in the world. However knowledge of them has not grown nearly as fast as it could, because (IMO) too much emphasis has been placed on the animal feed aspect first, and waste diversion a distant second (again, IMO). It frustrates me to no end that almost anyone and everyone that offers guidelines on home backyard composting tells people that they should not compost meat, dairy, and or pet waste. BSF larvae love those menu items, and make faster work of them than any other natural composting method. Those agencies, institutions, organizations, businesses, and influencers offering home backyard compost advice do not mention BSF larvae as an option at all, and most of them promote vermiculture (redworms), which are no comparison to the numerous advantages of using BSF larvae. Not to mention that BSF larvae do a great job of minimizing odors, not only in the compost container itself, but utilizing them to compost all food waste results in far less odors in trash cans and garbage trucks.  I want to see the message go out that BSF larvae should be used to process organic waste  at it's source (home, apartment, school, church, and more) . . . even by people who do not garden, and have no interest in a compost byproduct (or animal feed). Imagine if millions of people utilized BSF larvae at home, not only keeping food waste out of landfills, but also lowering waste collection costs, transporting costs, and tipping fees.   

While I have your attention, wouldn't you agree that there very much needs to be a World Black Soldier Fly Larvae Association?  I have registered this domain { }, and will gladly donate it for that cause.  My own BSF larvae website is .
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