BCC ( Behaviour Change Communication for SWM using webgis and precision mapping


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BCC ( Behaviour Change Communication for SWM using webgis and precision mapping

An effort was made and MCGM( Mumbai Municipal Corporation also known as BMC) has , now , invited IITB to collaborate .
This forum is approached for precedents, knowledge sharing and possible collaborations
A concept note is attached.

Given the urgency with which MCGM has undertaken better SWM , with Swachh Bharat Mission 2, with AMRUT 2 and MCAP (Mumbai Climate Action Plan) a multidisciplinary approach reaching out to community participation is warranted.
GIS enabled IT platform which will have website, mobile apps and database using all available data from MCGM and other resources to fulfill the demands of the above
A platform ( examples given below)has been created to capture data, monitor waste management from gross to precision level. It is also meant for schools and colleges to study, research and publish academic and entrepreneurial content for improving the environment. The platform driven by data aims at providing a tool for the young in the community(college and school students) to nudge the community towards zero waste by invoking a sense of community and healthy competition among geographical units within the community.

Our new project is on 

In this context we made a presentation to MCGM attached ( contains links to video demos  of the prototype work-in-progress  1) map and 2)analytics dashboard )

We received a response as attached

We are planning to create a platform for students of ( local )colleges  to study the areas ( 227 councillor wards each, separately) on waste , sustainability, circular economy potentials, livelihood opportunities and publish the same on our site . 
see casestudy.communitygis.in/  
We need templates for research, precedents and links to published work that can help students study and carry out better research.

Any one in this forum, if interested in collaboration may please contact with a note on how you could add value.

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