Promote VERMIFILTRATION Technology for WASTEWATER PURIFICATION by EARTHWORMS to produce clean water

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Re: Promote VERMIFILTRATION Technology for WASTEWATER PURIFICATION by EARTHWORMS to produce clean water

Hi Dean,

Yes, the communities for whom we try to improve sanitation are quite unaware of any water and sanitation related diseases despite many awareness creation and training programmes undertaken by uncountable Government and development driven projects over the last 20 years.

The problem is that the danger of infection by unhygienic conditions cannot be seen, felt, smelled. It is invisible and therefore easily ignored. Why otherwise, there are still numerous projects at schools in Africa and Asia introducing ‘handwashing with soap at critical times’, i.e. after visiting the toilet. Because children haven’t be taught so at home.

Especially in sanitation, I have little confidence in education alone. It may have an effect in the long-term and in combination with enforcing means (penalties), as it succeeded in Germany with the safety-belt after 20 years, but in sanitation it will even take longer.

And another problem is management. How can we ensure that each batch of the VC humus from a community treatment plant is rested as long as required?

In order to avoid that the humus from a VC treatment plant and subsequently the technology as such receive a bad reputation because some humus hasn’t been rested long enough and it is found having infected people, I would require that the treatment includes a step which kills any ascaris at once, ‘nukes’ them as you called it, before the humus is released for reuse.

I know that this Is not in line with your approach, but you have to consider that you plan only for yourself, while I am involved in the planning of sanitation for numerous communities with thousands of people. This requires most likely a different approach in sustainable sanitation.

(Maybe even an aspect which has to be considered more often in discussions here on the forum? I am a friend of UDDT technology. I know Elisabeth was operating an UDDT in her family house in Germany. But I am wondering how the urine from 25,000 household UDDTs in a low-cost, high density compound in Lusaka/Zambia can be collected regularly for reuse?)


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