How Clean is Urban India? (using a National SFD)


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How Clean is Urban India? (using a National SFD)

A rapid assessment of sanitation in Urban India using a National SFD brings out the reality of actual situation on ground and also maps the gaps in various stages of the sanitation chain. Given that the next phase of Swachh Bharat Mission is around the corner, it would be worthwhile to extract learning from the Shit Flow Diagram of Urban India, so that interventions can be supported in the areas where still a lot of work needs to be done to achieve safe sanitation for all. To read more about the SFD and the blog on the topic visit: .

The blog is available in various Languages including English, Hindi, Spanish, Portuguese and French.
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Re: How Clean is Urban India? (using a National SFD)

Thank you Bhitush for sharing this. 
I think there is a broad agreement that SBM focused on access alone and going forward we urgently need to focus FSM if we are serious about SDG 6 targets. 

I tried to compare the graphic you shared with the one that can be prepared from (see below) to find a significant difference in the share of unmanaged wastewater. I assume your SFD is more refined as the sources of information are discussed in the blog. It would be great if you could tell us more about the changes in inputs that you made to arrive at this SFD.

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