SFD Promotion Initiative (SFD PI) - Project Updates (Shit Flow Diagrams)


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Re: SFD Promotion Initiative (SFD PI) - Project Updates (Shit Flow Diagrams)

Dear SuSanA Forum Users, 

NEW Interactive SFD Data page is now LIVE!

A quick update to confirm that the new SFD Data  page is now up and running on the SFD web portal (see our post of 19th March). 

This means that you can now compare SFD data from over 150 cities, either on an SFD graphic or using bar charts. And as well as looking at individual city data, you can agglomerate the city data by state, country or region, and prepare a multi-city SFD graphic, as in the example below.

Please take a look at the page and interrogate the data... and then let us know what you think?

And why not make an SFD  for your city and add it to the database?  


Kind regards,

SFD PI Phase 3 team  
Water and Sanitation Specialist
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Re: SFD Promotion Initiative (SFD PI) - Project Updates (Shit Flow Diagrams)

Thank you SFD-PI team for the update. 

The interactive data page looks very cool and very fast; must have been a lot of programming work. I think it will be very useful for regional and global monitoring of SDG sanitation targets. 

I could quickly prepare a SFD for India (based on 67 city reports). I don't think the numbers agree with reports by the pollution control board, but understand that they will get near as more reports are added.   

For a country like India, the possibility of province level  comparison is also very useful. Wondering if it could somehow be connected to CEPT's work (they annually collect information to assess city level performance for 1000+ cities). That will not only enable annually updated SFDs of the cities, but also useful for monitoring at regional (intra and inter state) level. 

Paresh Chhajed-Picha
Researcher at Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay, India
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