Using Social Media for Sanitation Promotion - What Water And Sanitation Can Learn From Facebook

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Using Social Media for Sanitation Promotion

Using Social Media for Sanitation Promotion

A thought-provoking blog of Tim Wainwright, WaterAid UK’s Chief Executive, recently appeared in Huffington Post on What Water And Sanitation Can Learn From Facebook: ( )

Tim says that Facebook’s subscribers have now reached 2 billion people, or nearly one-quarter of the population of the planet. While this has not been achieved without controversy, it is perhaps the strongest modern-day example of the power that results from capturing public imagination. In just 13 years, it has become an integral part of the daily life of 2 billion people.

How can the 2.3 billion people be reached with decent household toilets in the next 13 years? The UN Sustainable Development Goals have pledged, among other things, to deliver access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene for everyone, everywhere by 2030.

Tim says that the new statistics released this year show that progress has been far too slow. Not only are there are more people without access to decent toilets (2.3 billion) than use Facebook (2 billion), there are now almost as many people on Instagram (700 million regular users) as those without clean water within a 30-minute round trip (844 million). More details can be seen in the blog.

Tim’s blog is a challenge. How can Facebook be used to promote sanitation? Much depends on the people’s orientation towards sanitation. Assuming that it is highly encouraging, then Facebook can be used as sanitation promoter. But this is not the case. In Pakistan, for example, sanitation has low priority. In that scenario, it is no use getting beneficial use of Facebook, in respect of sanitation.

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Re: Using Social Media for Sanitation Promotion

Personal data are behind sanitation data. If those data are used to e.g. prevent an epidemia it could be good for public health and also for a pharmaceutical industry but data could be used for other purposes via social media.
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