'Learning in the Sanitation and Hygiene Sector' - New SLH Learning Paper


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'Learning in the Sanitation and Hygiene Sector' - New SLH Learning Paper

How do you think we learn best?

What barriers do you see and experience that make it more difficult for us to learn?

And what steps should we be taking to reduce the barriers and improve how we learn more effectively?

Sarah House summarises lessons and recommendations in the Sanitation Learning Hub's latest learning paper.

(Following text added by moderator pcp from the link above)

This SLH Learning Paper summarises the key learning from a rapid topic exploration on ‘Learning in the Sanitation and Hygiene Sector’.
The study looked at how people in the WASH sector learn, the processes utilised and what works best, as well as the barriers and challenges to learning. It looks at learning from communities and peer-to-peer and how the learning gets translated into action at scale.

This paper shares the lessons from sector and associated actors working in low- and middle-income contexts around the world and makes recommendation on how to strengthen learning and sharing processes, as well as building capacities and confidence for learning, with the ultimate aim of turning that learning into action at scale.
Elaine Mercer
Communications and Networking Officer
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