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post for publication sanitation booklet


I am Pamela Ceron, an Early Stage Researcher of the SuPERW PhD program (Horizon 2020) currently working at TU Delft. I would like to share on your platform an educational booklet (in English and Spanish) about water, sanitation, and resource recovery concepts that we developed together with other researchers of SuPERW, as part of our Outreach and Dissemination Tool (ODT). We have applied it in rural communities in Peru and we have presented the results of our experience at the IWA YWP conference in Toronto this year.

Educational projects on new technologies for wastewater treatment and resource recovery in developing countries are not so common. For this reason, a group of early-stage researchers (Larissa Terumi Arashiro, Marco Hartl, Pamela Ceron, Juan Esteban Ramirez and Philipp Kehrein) developed an educational outreach tool (ODT) including a selection of these new topics for primary school students in rural areas of Peru.

Tangible materials like booklets, microbial fuel cell (MFC) kits, bottle filtration exercises and a demonstration of real applications during field trips helped to motivate and introduce those concepts. A self-produced video clip shows the consistently positive response of kids and teachers to the experience:

The project was a collaboration of Horizon2020 SuPER-W fellows ( ) with the NGO Engineers without borders (ESF Catalonia) and the Peruvian governmental educational initiative UGEL. The booklet is available in English as well as Spanish .
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