Webinar: Climate Change and Rural Sanitation – Putting Ideas into Practice


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Webinar: Climate Change and Rural Sanitation – Putting Ideas into Practice

Join the Sanitation Learning Hub for a webinar on climate change and rural sanitation – putting ideas into practice.

Climate change is an emerging concern in the rural sanitation and hygiene sector, where impacts disproportionately affect already disadvantaged and marginalised groups. There is a real risk that progress made in improving rural sanitation access and coverage will slow, or even reverse.

Following the publication of the most recent edition of the Frontiers of Sanitation , the Sanitation Learning Hub and the Institute for Sustainable Futures are organising a webinar to present key aspects of this research on climate change and rural sanitation. 
Drawing on the publication this webinar will:
  • Highlight parallels between climate change and sanitation and hygiene terms and concepts.
  • Illustrate various ways in which climate hazards impact rural sanitation and hygiene practices and programming
  • Provide actionable ideas to get started on integrating climate thinking into
    existing rural sanitation and hygiene thinking, programming, and
Practical details: 
When: Wednesday 14th July; 09.00 – 10.30 UK Time 
Click here to register for the webinar on Zoom.
The webinar will be recorded. A webinar recording will be made available shortly afterwards on our YouTube channel .
For any queries, please email us at slh@ids.ac.uk.

Elaine Mercer
Communications and Networking Officer
The Sanitation Learning Hub
The Institute of Development Studies
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