Creating Climate Resilient Cities through Safe Sanitation – World Toilet Day 2020 - Blog Article


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Creating Climate Resilient Cities through Safe Sanitation – World Toilet Day 2020 - Blog Article

Dear SuSanA community,
happy World Toilet Day 2020!

We are happy to share this joint Blog written by the Resilient Cities Network and GIZ which talks about the need of climate resilient sanitation systems and their social, economic and environmental co-benefits.

"The lack of safely managed, climate-resilient sanitation is a reality many must endure. It is a silent crisis that impedes not only universal access but also the realization of the urban transformation framed in SDG11. To make progress, we need to understand how sanitation impacts the functions and form of cities and how it supports economic development and promotes equity.

Climate resilient sanitation systems are able to withstand the climate challenges of the future, but also leverage benefits beyond those of a well-functioning toilet connected to a sanitation system that takes away and deals with human waste. Resilient sanitation systems are an important part of a circular economy, due to the integration of energy production and resource recovery. As such, they provide solutions for turning “waste” into resources, and thereby have the potential to contribute to the mitigation of a city’s greenhouse gas emissions, save finite resources, and create business opportunities and jobs. They also leverage nature-based solutions or are designed as a park to reduce visual impact and invite the community to visit, sparking conversation about water scarcity and climate change."

Please visit this page to read the full article:  

Best regards,
GIZ Sustainable Sanitation Programme
Division for Climate Change, Environment & Infrastructure

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