Inquiry on climate Change - county climate change secretariat in Homabay (Kenya)


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Inquiry on climate Change

The county government of Homabay department of water services environment and natural resources has just developed a county climate change secretariat with a main aim of integrating climate change activities in the county and enhance adaptation and mitigation measures of climate change. We are at the formative stage and would be very happy to join this group so that apart from getting it right as the county we have a forum to share our experiences.
Am looking for available literature or documents on climate change that we can use so that we can be able to establish a workable climate change secretariat. Any support will be highly appreciated
Martin Omulama Mbati
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Re: Inquiry on climate Change

Dear Martin,
I recommend that you contact my colleagues at the Stockholm Environment Institute office in Nairobi. They could be of help to you.
More info here:

Daniel Ddiba
Co-lead for SuSanA WG5: Productive sanitation and food security
Research Associate at Stockholm Environment Institute
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