Urbanisation, urban planning and Urban water and waste water


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  • Depinder Kapur is currently Senior Fellow at Shiv Nadar University, as Faculty in the Masters in Water Science and Policy Course.
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Urbanisation, urban planning and Urban water and waste water

Integrating urban sanitation tools within the formal systems and putting them to use.

Our sanitation sector consistently comes up with various Approaches, Tools and Frameworks for planning, implementation and monitoring of urban water and sanitation. Yet they remain small projects centred and never get used at scale. Shit Flow Diagram Saniplan, Sanipath, CLUES, SUWASA, CDSA, PFC, SSP, etc. all developed by technical and donor agencies  - they seem to at best serve an advocacy aim. Donors pay for their development and national and international development agencies conduct training programs and use them for advocacy. Then some new tool replaces the old one. 

Integrating sanitation Approaches, Tools and Frameworks within the formal systems of urban planning remains a challenge perhaps because we do not position them for urban planning within the formal urban planning system and reach out to urban planners.

In India we have a hierarchy of Urban Planning Systems that are simply ignored.
This hierarchy consists of :
*Perspective Plan
*Regional Plans
*Development Plans
*Zonal Plans and Area based plans.

We simply ignore these formal systems and develop tools that dont end up serving any formal systems.
Depinder Kapur is a Senior Fellow at Shiv Nadar University, Delhi. He has lead the Sanitation Capacity Building Platform(SCBP) of National Institute of Urban Affairs learning, research and advocacy on decentralized and non sewered sanitation( scbp.niua.org). His professional engagements have been with AKRSP(Program Officer Forestry), SPWD(Sr. Program Officer), CARE(Director NRM), Oxfam(Program & Advocacy Director), WaterAid India(Country Head) and WSSCC(National Coordinator) and as an independent consultant.

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