Evaluation findings on DFID-funded WASH programme using Payment by Results


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Webinar May 15th 1pm BST: Evaluation findings on DFID-funded WASH programme using Payment by Results

I am writing on behalf of the Monitoring, Verification and Evaluation provider for the DFID-funded WASH Results Programme to invite members of this group to join a webinar on 15th May, 2020 at 1pm BST at which the findings of the evaluation of the Payment by Results programme will be shared.

We would be delighted if you could join us and put your questions to the panellists who have experience of commissioning, managing, implementing and verifying the WASH Results programme: Leonard Tedd (DFID), Guy Howard (University of Bristol and formerly of DFID), Katherina Welle (Itad) and Antoinette Kome (SNV), alongside members of the Evaluation Team. Please register in advance for the webinar here:


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar including how to submit questions in advance.

About WASH Results

Last year ePact completed the evaluation of the first phase of DFID’s WASH Results programme - a £112 million programme focused on enabling first time access to water and sanitation services. A defining feature of the programme design was that it used a payment-by-results (PbR) funding modality, and this was the first large-scale use of PbR within the WASH sector. 

The evaluation focused on the influence of the PbR modality on outcomes and the behaviour of the organisations implementing the WASH Results programme. It will be of interest to organisations and funders considering using PbR in future programmes. 

The evaluation found Payment by Results is a viable option for funding WASH programmes at scale but needs to be used carefully and the report makes a range of recommendations about use of this funding modality. Other key areas of learning include a focus on WASH at scale, focus on programming for sustained outcomes and monitoring WASH outputs and outcomes.

The executive summary of the evaluation is available, with the full evaluation report, at DFID’s research for development portal https://www.gov.uk/dfid-research-outputs/wash-results-programme-evaluation-synthesis-report   Additionally, a series of blog posts reflecting on the key findings has been published at https://washresultsmve.wordpress.com/ .
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Re: Evaluation findings on DFID-funded WASH programme using Payment by Results

Hi Joseph,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention and welcome to the SuSanA Discussion Forum!
I just had a look at the webinar recording here on your website:  https://washresultsmve.wordpress.com/2020/05/18/answering-questions-on-the-wash-results-evaluation/

I like the way the recording shows the slides, voice and the chat field. The chat is often the most interestig part and I saw active participation there. Did you manage to answer all the questions that were raised in the chat? If so, is that documented somewhere? If not, could we continue the discussion here in this thread?

Also, I couldn't find where the presentation slides could be downloaded?

Will there be a second phase of DFID’s WASH Results programme, or has it perhaps already started?

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