Local Certification initiative for Cameroon


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Local Certification initiative for Cameroon

Dear Colleagues, Green Cameroon as an Environmental NGO based in Cameroon has been nursing the idea of setting up a local certification body in Cameroon. Now I understand that we have bodies and standards like the ISO that already exist. On ground, experience has however shown a lots of lapses at our local level with some of these and we are thinking that if there is a local organization such as ours on the ground that mostly has the interest of local communities at heart, standards will be more rigorously respected. I also understand that this requires a lot of ground work, preparation and awareness raising. That is why I am throwing the ball here to get contributions from members on what chances we stand, if there are any partners we can work with and what resources are available to us at this stage. I will gladly welcome partnership offers from any experts or interested persons in the house. Green Cameroon can be found at www.greencameroon.org. Would be nice to get you opinion on this.

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