Is the world on track to implement 'integrated water resources management' (IWRM)?

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Is the world on track to implement 'integrated water resources management' (IWRM)?

Dear SuSanA colleagues,

Is the world on track to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 6, Target 6.5, and implement 'integrated water resources management' (IWRM) at all levels by 2030? Will this help provide sustainable, safe water and sanitation services for those most in need? Evidence suggests countries are struggling, and implementation is weakest at a sub-national level.

Our WASH Basins project, a collaboration between Arup and FRANK Water, is developing a toolkit for local government agencies in India to help secure the provision of safe and sustainable drinking water and sanitation using IWRM principles.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on barriers to IWRM on the 1-minute survey below. We’ll also be hosting a workshop at the IRC WASH “All Systems Go” symposium next week, at 7:30am, Wednesday, in the Fokker Terminal which will be open to all delegates – light breakfast included!

Workshop pre-survey:

Project website:

Draft programme (find us on page 39):

Many thanks,


Irene Gleeson, Associate, Arup
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