Latrines for Riverine Areas (question from Nigeria)

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Latrines for Riverine Areas (question from Nigeria)

I'm on a Project in Rivers State of Nigeria that involves CLTS. The challenge is getting appropriate Latrines for people who have traditionally used pier hanging latrines. The water levels are very high. Kindly point me to the direction of existing technologies that are affordable and sustainable.
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Re: Latrines for Riverine Areas (question from Nigeria)

Dear Sam-Adejoh Okedi,

What are "pier hanging latrines"? So people were already using toilets (i.e. not doing open defecation) and you nevertheless did CLTS with them - did I understand right? Who is the institution or agency behind this project that you're working on?

I think one of the few available affordable toilet options for areas with a very high water table or frequent flooding are urine-diverting dry toilets. Have you considered those?


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